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Where we do water birth, home or birth center, and offer women's health services in Logan & Cache Valley, Utah.

So glad you are here! As midwives, we assist you with a birth at home anywhere in Logan & Cache Valley. We offer water birth, home birth or birth center, lots of prenatal and postpartum care and women's health services. Click here to find out what other services are included. You can also read my bio. Right now I am a student midwife here in Logan, getting ready to sit for the NARM exam and am currently taking clients! While I am a student, you will have another Licensed Certified Professional Midwife at your birth.

Philosophy of Midwifery Care

My Philosophy of Care is for women to have the most healthy, safe births that they possibly can with as little intervention needed. Women were meant to give birth; simply and easily without complications. Of course we midwives want to be there in case of the unexpected and unwanted. But the ideal is to just let mothers do what they were born to do with help and support from those she loves so that all she needs to focus on is nurturing the new little angel that has just begun his or her journey on Earth. I help give my clients/mothers all the tools and empowerment they need so that they are able to give birth on their own, confidently and as easily as possible with as little medical help from me or other medical providers. I strive to empower my clients/mothers and help them be as independent as they can. Of course I want to be there for emotional and friendly support as much as I am needed. I just want to give them the tools to have as smooth of births as possible. At Tree of Life Midwife, I provide holistic, comprehensive, and compassionate midwifery care to expecting mothers and families in the Logan, UT area. I am committed to helping you create a positive birthing experience that is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. I strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for mothers, families, and their babies to start life off on the right foot.

I offer home birth, water birth, natural birth; and birth with a midwife in Logan Utah!CNM Certified Nurse Midwife assists a mother in labor that is about to give birth in Logan Utah and Cache Valley Utah. Water birth, home birth

Services Offered in Logan Utah:

Prenatal Care (Office in Logan)

  • Free first phone consultation
  • Free in person meet and greet
  • Complete Prenatal Care (12w - birth)
  • Prenatal appointments:
    • Weeks 8-28: Once every 4 weeks
    • Weeks 28-36: Once every 2 weeks
    • Weeks 36+: Every week
  • 5 Foot Zones
  • 3 chiropractic visits
  • 24/7 availability to answer questions by phone
  • Counseling on nutrition, supplements, herbs and other recommendations
Looking for a home birth or a natural birth, water birth with a midwife, CNM or CPM in Cache Valley, Utah? You found the right spot!

Labor & Birth

  • Birth kit
  • Borrowed birth pool if desired
  • Attendance at your birth with one or two skilled assistants/students
  • Labor support
  • Guidance with labor progress and optimal position etc.
  • Newborn care and physical exam after birth
  • Medical supplies, IV fluids, medication, oxygen, etc. if needed
  • Newborn Exam from head to toe
  • Newborn services 
CNM, Natural birth, Water Birth, Birth Center, Midwife Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife in Cache Valley, Utah. Providence Utah, Souther Idaho, Cache County

Postpartum Care

  • Newborn Cranial Sacral Therapy Session
  • 1 hot stone massage 
  • 4 postpartum visits:
    • 24-48 hrs pp (in home)
    • 1 week visit (in home)
    • 2 week visit
    • 6 week visit
  • Well baby care to 6 weeks postpartum
  • Lactation support and counseling
Want to have your baby at home? You can have a natural birth,  a water birth, a home birth with a midwife Certified Nurse Midwfie CNM, CPM, Certified Professional Midwife in Cache Valley and Logan Utah

Our Rates in Cache Valley

Tree of Life Midwife has one bill of $3800 that must be paid with cash or check. This includes all prenatal care, a birth kit, labor and birth, any supplies used at birth, and postpartum care up to 6 weeks. Lab work, ultrasounds, newborn services and other referrals that may come up are not included.

Meet the Midwife

Rebekah Memmott Rowles, Midwife


Born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, I speak both English and Spanish fluently. In high school, I developed a fascination for the body, along with a love for alternative holistic medicine. In pursuit to help people, I set out to be a nurse. After completing all my prerequisites, corequisites and receiving an acceptance letter to the nursing program, God called me to something a thousand times better: becoming a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Practicing as a CPM will allow me to bring precious souls into this world without being heavily involved in the medical system. I now get to combine all my values, beliefs, and knowledge in one place: helping mothers deliver successfully in out of hospital or home birth settings. 

I am an experienced student midwife practicing here in Logan/ Cache Valley, Utah. My education includes training in foot zoning, herbs, essential oils, homeopathy and craniosacral therapy. I first started attending births in 2017 and became a CNA in 2018, and I am also certified in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. I am here to provide holistic, compassionate prenatal care to expecting mothers and their families throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period, because I understand the importance of delivering a healthy baby and providing mothers and families a positive birthing experience. I strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for mothers, families, and their babies to start life off on the right foot.

Besides midwifery, some of my other favorite activities are practicing the piano, writing music, spending time outdoors, doing sporty activities and cooking/baking yummy food. I love spending quality family time with my best friend and partner for eternity.  Together, we have one adorable son, born at home in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homebirth/Out of Hospital Birth Safe in Logan, Utah?

This is probably the MOST frequently asked question. It is also a very valid question because of course you need to know what is safe for Mama and for baby. Midwives are trained professionals that have acquired certain skills used in hospital settings AND skills that have been around for centuries, but which are not practiced in hospitals today. Midwives are trained to know when it is necessary to go to the hospital for additional help because something is not normal. During your prenatal care, labor and birth, we look for certain indicators to make sure the pregnancy is going well and it is safe to have an out of hospital birth. In the event that you need to transfer to the hospital, your midwife will go with you and be a support person and an advocate for you.

For more info please visit this site to view statistics to help ease any fear or any type of concern you may have: https://mana.org/research/homebirth-safety  

What Type of Midwives Are Available in Cache Valley and What Training Do They Have?

Great question! There are a couple different types of midwives, including CNMs and CPMs. First, Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are Registered Nurses who continued with their education to obtain a Masters degree to become a CNM. Most CNMs practice in the hospital. They are able to practice outside of hospital settings, but they don't often do so. Second, Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) are skilled, independent professionals who are trained in out of hospital deliveries and do not practice in hospitals. CPMs have met the qualifications set by the North American Registry of Midwives. Obtaining this credential requires completing a rigorous process of training and participation in over 50 births, and it can take anywhere from 2-10 years depending on circumstances. In Utah, CPMs have the option of becoming licensed midwives with the state (LMs).

Water Birth Available in Cache Valley: Is Water Birth Safe?

Benefits of Water Birth

Water birth can help to ease the pain of childbirth. It helps relax the muscles and relax the mother which can in turn help to produce more oxytocin which then helps to increase contracitons and supports the normal pattern of labor

Risks to Water Birth

There are some risks to water birth including Meconium Aspiration Syndrom which could only happen if there was meconium present before the baby's birth or during the birthing process. Drowning is a very low risk because baby's have what is called a dive reflex. This reflex triggers them to breathe when their body is exposed to air. Being born in the water doesn't trigger the reflex but it is good to bring them out of the water immediately after.


Water birth is best for those who have low risk pregnancies and who are giving birth between 37-42 weeks.

For more information please visit my blog on Water Birth

If you would like to give birth in the water at home or at a birth center with a midwife please contact me.

Is It Cheaper To Have a Baby With a Midwife in Logan, Utah?

It is usually a lot cheaper to have a baby with a midwife either at home or at a birth center than in the hospital. The reason for this is that midwives care for you from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way to 6 weeks postpartum. These services are usually covered by one all-inclusive bill of anywhere between $3000-$7000, which includes all the care you need unless there are further complications that arise during the pregnancy or birth.

Why Should I Use a Midwife in Cache Valley Instead of a Doctor?

Midwives have a more holistic approach to pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. They work with your body and help prepare it for birth with resources that aren't used by doctors or in hospitals. Midwives will generally recommend chiropractic care, massages, craniosacral therapy, childbirth classes, foot zoning, herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils and other holistic modalities to prepare your body for labor and birth. Certified Professional Midwives are also able to carry certain medications such as pitocin, methergin and lidocane in the event of a hemhorrage, need to suture or other complications treatable outside of the hospital. 

When Should I Begin to See a Midwife in Cache Valley?

It is a good idea to start seeing a health care professional begining around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. We can get an idea of your vital signs and what is normal for you and start implementing good health habits in order to assist you to give birth as simply and efficiently as possible. Usually your Midwife or Doctor will want you to start taking certain supplements and vitamins to help you and your baby to prepare for birth. Sometimes others things are involved such as childbirth classes, appropriate exercises, chiropractic care, massages, craniosacral therapy or other modalities that you may need in order to prepare fully, mentally, emotionally and physically.

What Does a Midwife in Logan, Utah Do During Labor?

Midwives will usually come attend you in your home when your contractions are 4 or 5 minutes apart, lasting one minute, and this has gone on for at least an hour. Midwives will then check the mother's vital signs and the baby's heart rate, listening for at least 2 minutes. These vital signs allow midwives to assess that the mother and baby are still low-risk and can proceed with the birth at home. The midwife will continue to monitor the heart rate at least hourly, as well as checking the mother's vital signs every four hours to make sure everything is normal and safe! Sometimes midwives will have the mother take certain tinctures, homeopathic remedies or the mother may even get a foot zone with some midwives depending on where the she is at in labor. Midwives also can help give counter-pressure during contractions and do other labor support jobs, like making sure the mother stays hydrated, putting a cold washcloth on her forehead if she feels hot, etc. As the mother gets closer to delivering her baby, the midwife will be right next to her, ready to catch the baby and rescucitate if necessary (usually not necessary). The midwife will then help deliver the placenta and watch for any hemorrhage or any other possible complications with mother and baby.

What Is the Difference Between a Doula and a Midwife in Cache Valley?

Great question! There is a BIG difference! Doulas have been trained to be a support person for a laboring woman. They can be by your side constantly helping to give pressure, keeping you hydrated, speaking affirmations, etc. They do anything to help give you the support you need to be focused on your body and baby. They can also help advocate for you. Midwives on the other hand are trained and skilled health care providers that have the responsibility of making sure things are safe and knowing when it is necessary to seek higher medical attention. Midwives watch for key indicators with vital signs and other things to make sure pregnancy, labor and birth are progressing normally.

What Is Considered To Be a High Risk Pregnancy in Logan Utah?

A high risk pregnancy means that the mother or the baby have a higher chance and increased risk of experiencing problems during pregnancy and or birth. Conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease, active tuberculosis, chronic lung disease, severe asthma, epilepsy, clotting abrnomalities, Rh-with antibodies, severe anemia, cogenital heart diesease, renal disease, extreme obesity, hypertension, or a viral infection such as rebella, mumps, cytomegalovirus, etc. are considered high risk, and a client with any of those conditions should not birth at home.

Do Midwives Do Pap Smears in Cache Valley, Utah?

Yes! Most midwives can do pap smears here in Logan, Utah. It's generally said they are gentler, and it is an overall better experience to do with a midwife!

Can Midwives in Logan, Utah Give Epidurals?

Good question! The answer is no. However, midwives use other tools such as childbirth classes, hypnobabies, counter-pressure, and water birth to help ease the pains of childbirth. Many women report easing of pain with these methods, including a 50% decrease in pain with a water birth alone.

Can Midwives in Cache Valley Deliver Twins in Utah?

Yes, midwives can deliver twins in Utah, but only if they choose to practice as an unlicensed midwife. Utah is one of several states which do not require Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) to be licensed, so some CPMs will choose to practice without being a licensed midwife so they can deliver twins. Licensed CPMs are not able to deliver twin babies.

Are Home Births and Midwives Legal in Logan, Utah?

Absolutely! Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, Licensed Midwives and even Lay Midwives are able to assist with home births in Utah.

Does Tree of Life Midwife serve Cache County Only?

Tree of Life Midwife serves Cache, Box Elder, and Weber Counties. We are located in Providence, Utah