I am Rebekah, and I am here to help you get the holistic care that you want and deserve. Whether you just want a good foot zone, a craniosacral therapy session or you need midwifery services, I've got you covered! Below you can find out more information for each of the areas that I offer services in. I would love to meet and get to know you!

Ready to do a natural birth in your own home? I offer midwifery services for pregnant mothers due in or after September 2024.  The care I offer begins around 12 weeks of pregnancy and includes all the prenatal care and appointments, a home birth, a water birth if you desire it, and extends through 6 weeks postpartum, including several postpartum visits in your own home. My care package include 5 foot zones throughout the pregnancy, along with other chiropractic care and massage sessions.

If you haven't had a foot zone before, let me tell you, foot zoning is AMAZING! Foot zones aren't only for pregnant mommas - everyone can benefit from them! A foot zone helps clear out toxins from the body, stimulates lymph flow and immune function, and accelerates healing in each system of the body - muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, etc. It usually lasts an hour, and I like to use essential oils and salves for enhanced results. Click on the picture above to learn more and to schedule your foot zone!

I offer placenta encapsulation services. Whether you are preparing to give birth right now or you have already given birth and still have your placenta, I would be happy to encapsulate it for you! There are many benefits to encapsulating and consuming your placenta, so if you don't know what they are, you are in the right place to find out! 

Craniosacral with Tree of Life Midwife here in Cache County Logan Utah area. Tree of life Midwife supports Natural birth and babies. Helps mothers and babies connect emotionaly with each other.

Craniosacral is coming very soon!