Services offered:

Prenatal Care

  • Free first phone consultation
  • Free in person meet and greet
  • Complete Prenatal Care (12 w - birth)
  • Prenatal appointments:
    • Weeks 8-28: Once every 4 weeks
    • Weeks 28-36: Once every 2 weeks
    • Weeks 36+: Every week
  • 5 Foot Zones
  • 3 chiropractic visits
  • 24/7 availability to answer questions by phone
  • Counseling on nutrition, supplements, herbs and other recommendations Woamn in labor. Water birth. Midwife assisting delivery of baby at home

Labor & Birth

  • Birth kit
  • Borrowed birth pool
  • Attendance at your birth with one or two skilled assistants
  • Labor support
  • Guidance with labor progress and optimal position etc.
  • Newborn care and physical exam after birth
  • Medical supplies, IV fluids, medication, oxygen, etc. if needed
Woman just gave birth. Mother is thrilled to have given birth to her baby at home. Listening to the heartrate and lungs with the stethosope. Midwife present at the birth.

Postpartum Care

  • Newborn Cranial Sacral Therapy Session
  • Hearing Screening
  • 1 hot stone massage 
  • 4 postpartum visits:
    • 24-48 hrs pp (in home)
    • 1 week visit (in home)
    • 2 week visit
    • 6 week visit
  • Well baby care to 6 weeks postpartum
  • Lactation support and counseling
Baby being held by mother and father. Home birth. Logan and Cache Valley Utah. Water birth. Midwife present at the birth. Pregnancy services.

Our Rates

Tree of Life Midwife has one bill of $3800 that must be paid with cash or check. This includes all prenatal care, a birth kit, labor and birth, any supplies used at birth, and postpartum care up to 6 weeks. Lab work, ultrasounds, newborn services and other referrals that may come up are not included.