Frequently Asked Questions

What process does it go through?

When we first receive your placenta, we thaw it if it is frozen. Next it is steamed or cooked and then chopped into small slices for dehydration. After 12-24 hours it is finished and it is powdered then put into capsules!

When is the placenta encapsulated?

Right after birth as soon as we get it.

How do we get the placenta to you to be encapsulated?

I will pick it up from you or the hospital or whoever else may have it.

How many capsules does the placenta yield?

Depends on the size of your placenta, but anywhere between 100-200 capsules.

How do I get started?

How should the placenta be stored until it is picked up?

Can I still encapsulate it even though I have had a c-section or an induction?

What is the shelf life of the placenta capsules?

What if i didn't sign up till after I delivered my baby?