I'm so glad you are here! I do foot zoning for anyone who is interested, not just for mamas who are pregnant! If you don't know about foot zoning, read on. Here is what foot zoning can do for you!

What Is Foot Zoning?

Foot zoning and foot reflexology is an art that is well-supported by science and has been used for centuries. Basically every part of your body, especially your organs are mapped out on your feet. We use these energy signals which are found on the feet and can be found in other places too such as the hands, face and eyes to communicate with the corresponding body parts and organs to send messages that bring balance and healing to the affected areas. This stimulates changes in the whole well being of the person!

Benefits From Foot Zoning

-Better alertness and improved energy!

-Increased your lymph circulation and therefore helps get rid of waste!

-Helps stimulate the removal of toxins from the liver, colon, and kidneys by helping them function better!

-Improved quality and duration of sleep!

-Helps the muscles and joints in the body be more mobile!

-Creates a more resilient immune system that responds accordingly and appropriately!

-Helps the body's hormone production and hormonal balance!

-Increased ability to absorb food and get rid of cellular waste!

-Helps get rid of pain and inflammation throughout the body!

-Nervous system stability and overall improved nervous system!

-Increased ability to be able to cope with stress!

-Better circulation throughout the body!

-Improved ability to digest food!

What Else Do I Need To Know?

When I do foot zones, I like to uses salves and pure essential oils on the feet. They usually smell quite nice and make the feet softer. Essential oils have a lot of benefits on their own and that is one reason why I like to use them, especially on the feet. The soles of the feet have the largest pores of the whole body and so that's where essential oils absorb the quickest. They are able to penetrate the body and go where they are needed offering help. Psalms 64 says "God gave herbs for the service of man" Essential oils come from plants and are gifts from God. Unlike drugs that go in and force themselves wherever they are needed or not, herbs and essential oils go in and offer their help at the cellular level. And if their help isn't needed right at the moment, that's okay, it doesn't force its way in.