Herb: Black Walnut & Holistic Cavity Filler?!

Published on 31 January 2024 at 12:46

I know the picture can be a bit deceiving, they are not black walnuts, but English Walnuts. They are not the same, but I couldn't find any with black Walnuts so the English will have to do. 


It is not actually the Walnut itself that helps rebuild your teeth, it is the black shell on the outside called the hull. When I found this information I was super excited about it so I just feel the need to share! Much of it has come from what I have learned from Rachel Weaver in her book "Backyard Pharmacy". Filling cavities and other tooth repairs is one of the most expensive things out there and it doesn't need to be if we can just learn to take better care of our bodies. I like many, struggled with cavities as a child and still do now. I can report from personal experience that these tinctures and teas have been effective for me!

How are Black Walnut hulls effective?

Because the hulls contain so many great nutrients such as iodine, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, copper and silica, this herb enters the bloodstream flooding your blood with minerals that your teeth need. However, Black Walnut hulls are more effective at healing children and young adults' cavities and there is a reason for it: they usually have more nutrients stored in their bodies. The Black Walnut Hull is not as effective in healing cavities in older adults. I'm not saying it can't be done, but I'm also not saying that it will for sure. As an older adult, you may have to take the black Walnut tincture for a longer period of time as well as taking other nutrient building herbs such as Horsetail, Nettles, Alfalfa, Dulse, and Comfrey (FDA doesn't recommend the internal consumption of comfrey and here you can find out why)


Another reason that they may be effective,  (I haven't found enough studies to support this idea of why they work) is the fact that black Walnut Hulls are anti-parasitic and are able to kill of parasites quite effectively. There are some suggestions out there that parasites may have something to do with cavities. It is definitely a possibility. 

How should the Black Walnut hulls be taken?

I like to take 2 dropperfuls the Black Walnut tincture which you can find at butterflyexpress.shop ( I like them because their herbs are high quality and trustworthy) 4 times a day. Basically one with each meal and another just before bed for as many weeks as it takes up to 6 weeks. It is not good to take Black Walnut Hulls for more than 6 weeks and should take a break from it for another 6 weeks. After that you can resume again following the same pattern. During the 6 weeks that you are not taking it, take this Herbal Calcium tea:

          -6 parts horsetail

          -2 parts nettle leaf

          -2 parts red raspberry leaf

          -3 parts oat straw

          -1 part lobelia (I find that this is a bit too much to take and temporarily doesn't make me feel too good so i do less)

          -4 parts comfrey leaf (optional for more healing; the FDA does not recommend the internal consumption of comfrey)

          -1 part peppermint (optional)


Many people have found the Black Walnut Tea Formula to be more effective in place of or in addition to the Black Walnut Tincture:

          -1 part marshmallow root

          -1 part comfrey root 

          -1/3 part black walnut

          -1/4 part anise seed

Rachel Weaver recommends to make the teas from powdered herbs. I would not recommend that because some of the nutrients is lost in the process of powdering and storing that way. I feel that the herbs are more effective and potent if left in small pieces rather than powder.

A Word of Caution

If these herbs are going to work for you, you should see some improvement soon. If not, please see a dentist. There should be no excuse to let dental problems get worse. If it is working for you, then great! If not, your body may be more depleted in minerals and it will take much much longer to build them back and both you and I wouldn't want to see your teeth get worse in the time it would take to build back your mineral reserves and get things balanced. Please see a dentist if necessary.

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